Climate Stewards UCR Palm Desert Center course
Contact: or 760-834-0800
Sponsor: California Naturalist

The course will hopefully take place in-person, but it may be a hybrid of self-paced outdoor explorations, live online workshop-style class sessions, and fully social-distanced outdoor guided field trips depending on Shelter in Place orders. Please contact the instructor for the latest details.

CalNat Course Website:

The UC Riverside Palm Desert Center UC Climate Stewards pilot course will focus on climate change impacts on desert ecosystems and communities. The course builds on instructor Dr. Cameron Barrow's extensive research and experience teaching California Naturalist. The Climate Stewards Program will engage and empower the community to help protect and preserve the diverse desert habitats now and for future generations. 

Instructor: Dr. Cameron Barrows

2020 UC Climate Stewards Course Schedule: July 10, 2021 - Sept. 18, 2021